1.) Will add the Words bring a tidal wave of complaints and litigation?

No: The City of Boise has had protections for sexual orientation and gender identity since 2012, yet Police Chief Mike Masterson testified to the Idaho State Legislature that there were two complaints in 2013 and zero in 2014.

2.) Because “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” are undefined, will Add the Words protect illegal activities such as stalking or indecent exposure?

No: Add the words, or House Bill 2, will not change any laws pertaining to criminal activities.

3.) Will Add the Words hurt small businesses?
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No: Business Insider rates states on their “friendliness” to small businesses. Some states with laws protecting the LGBT community are rated “friendly,” such as Virginia and Nevada. Others are rated “unfriendly” such as California and Illinois. In other words, there’s no correlation.

4.)Will Add the Words force churches to close?
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No: With 22 states offering protections to the LBGT community, no churches, synagogues or temples have been shut down due to those protections. At least one Indiana church shut down after firing its gay choir director, but only because attendance dropped precipitously after the firing.

5.) Will Add the Words force pastors to surrender their sermons under subpoena?

No: This story comes from an incident last year when the City of Houston passed a non-discrimination bill. A group of religious leaders gathered signatures in an attempt to repeal the law through a ballot referendum, but the city attorney threw out several thousand questionable signatures, blocking the referendum from the ballot. The religious groups sued the city and the city subpoenaed five pastors’ sermons during the discovery phase of the trial. The city has since withdrawn its subpoenas.

6.)Will it protect rapists and child molesters?
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No: Protections for sexual orientation and gender identity do not give special or extra-special rights to anybody. In fact, it protects anybody with a sexual orientation or a gender identity, which is all of us.

7.) Will it make public bathrooms unisex and unsafe?

No: The college campuses and cities that provide unisex bathrooms do so to accommodate their students and citizens. Often, these bathrooms are single occupancy with locking doors, which affords users more privacy. Not less.