In a desperate effort to look like he’s accomplished something Trump has resuscitated his failed healthcare repeal plan. Not only would 24 million Americans lose their coverage, but his new proposal would also eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions and coverage for maternity care, drug treatment, and more.1

Access to healthcare should not be a political issue and having pre-existing conditions should not be a death sentence. 
Together, we can organize to defeat this disastrous legislation once again.

Call Raul Labrador (202) 225-6611 and Mike Simpson (202) 225-5531 with this simple message:

“I urge you to oppose the new healthcare repeal bill that would eliminate essential health care for tens of thousands of people in your district. I’m counting on you to protect your constituents and vote NO. Thank you!”

The nationwide resistance movement defeated Trump’s previous attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. From town halls and rallies to millions of phone calls, congressional Republicans felt the heat and refused to back his awful legislation.

The ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus is back with a new proposal that is even more extreme than the last. Republicans like Raul Labrador need to hear our voices now and know we will hold them accountable for their vote.

The House could vote on this legislation any time. Call Raul Labrador (202) 225-6611 and Mike Simpson (202) 225-5531 with the message above