Idaho is a place that attracts the politically unhinged. Some come here to lecture the foaming-at-the-mouth wing of the Republican Party, like Ken Ivory or Shahram Hadian, while others come here to put down caustic roots, like Randy Weaver.

So when a group of armed terrorists took hostage one of the nation’s premier wildlife refuges, a connection to Idaho seemed inevitable.

It’s true. In 1998, Ammon Bundy, 40, leader of the armed takeover, was ticketed for tailgating in Camas County.


Yet that’s not all. While NBC reports Bundy lives in Arizona, the Washington Post reports that Bundy is from Idaho.

Better Idaho found a 40-year-old Ammon Bundy who is registered to vote as a Republican in Gem County, although he has never cast a ballot in Idaho.

The Bundy home in Emmett.

What’s more, Bundy owns a 5,100 square foot, five bedroom, five bath home on five acres in Emmett that is assessed at $461,190 according to Gem County records.

According to a real estate website, the property was taken off the market in June 2015.

On Facebook, both Bundy and his wife Lisa say they live in Phoenix, AZ.

Whether they plan to move to Idaho remains unclear. Bundy was not available for comment as he was busy keeping an Oregon visitor center hostage.

However, Bundy is not claiming a homestead exemption, meaning it is likely not his primary place of residence.