One thing is for sure: don’t mess with Idaho’s bakers and florists. They didn’t even bother testifying against Add the Words (HB2) and they still killed the bill in the House State Affairs Committee Thursday.

They also have friends in high places. In 22 hours of testimony, the dire need to protect the rights of homophobic bakers and florists was expounded repeatedly from either Rep. Brent Crane or Sue Sylvester – I can’t tell the difference.

Crane Lynch
Crane Lynch

Here’s the strange part. Not one baker or florist showed up to detail his or her need for protection. But that didn’t stop Rep. Vito Barbieri from throwing his body on the grenade of equity for them anyway.

“I understand that there are difficulties out there,” he said, referring to dozens of heartbreaking stories from the LGBT community. “But I think (HB2) would create more difficulties than it would solve,” he said, referring the nonexistent testimony of homophobic bakers and florists.

Ultimately, Barbieri said, it was a matter of money. He was concerned HB2 would financially burden bakers and florists who refuse service to gay or transgendered people.

It’s a strange argument. Let’s face it, if you’re worried about money, wouldn’t you be better off baking the cake, arranging the flowers and cashing the check?

But who am I to second-guess beri beri…darn it spellchecker! I mean Barbieri?

Yet much of the hearing wasn’t about cakes or flowers. It was about G.O.D.

If conservative committee members were eager to defend homophobic business owners, conservative members of the public were eager to defend a homophobic God.

There was just one thing I didn’t understand. Why do angry people worship a God that is just as angry as they are? And why did their Gods’ opinions about gay and transgender people always mirror their own? You’d think one of them would say, “I have no problem with gays, but God does, and that’s really makes me sad.”

Instead, they all said, “I don’t like the gays and neither does God.”Sistine chapel

This, of course, creates conflicts between a vengeful God and the people of Idaho. Before anybody is going to get treated equally, these folks want their God protected. Just in case a gay or transgender person crosses their miserable paths.

Personally, I have no problem with protecting God. But why does it always have to be an angry God?

Why can’t it be a loving, caring, compassionate God? You know, like the one that Jesus guy talks about in the Bible.


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