Move over Ken Ivory and Shahram Hadian, there’s new sheriff in town.

The thirst for radical conservatism in northern Idaho is unquenchable. A byproduct of those right-wing desires is a regular appearance of the weirdest and wackiest political insurgents this side of Boston Harbor.

The latest out-of-state activist to bring fire and brimstone to the Gem State is a Florida woman named KrisAnne Hall, who was the center attraction at a “Constitutional Convention” in Benewah County last week.

This flyer was posted on the Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, Rep. Heather Scott and the Benewah County Sheriff Office’s Facebook pages.

Invitation to convention* The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office says no taxpayer money will be used for the event. Sheriff Dave Resser explained that the office is cosponsoring it because he’s heard Hall speak before and liked what he heard. Therefore, he paid $150 out of his own pocket to rent the venue for the event.

Hall is an ex-attorney who was either fired or resigned from her job as a county prosecutor after she began speaking to tea party groups in Florida.

Her schtick is a Glenn Beck revisionists historian mixed with a Sarah Palin word salad. In her narrative, the story of western civilization is an allegory that confirms the most prevalent right-wing fantasies as truth — the government is evil and it’s coming to get you.

Just listen to history.

* Notice the crowd adds Chief Justice Roberts to the evil judge list.

Hall attempts to understand history by bending it into a political metaphor for why the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party is right.

Of course, that doesn’t work. You have to go where history takes you. Cramming the stories of western civilization into a predetermined box isn’t history. It’s ideology. Fortunately for Hall, in northern Idaho, anti-government ideology sells.

*I wonder if she ever thinks about the evils of regulatory agencies when her airplane is taxiing to the runway? Those dang FAA thugs, making flight safe.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with conservatism. It’s just that moderation, like everything in life, is the key. What makes the Ken Ivorys, Shahram Hadians and now KrisAnne Halls harmful isn’t what they say; it’s that people believe them.

Government is a necessary part of any modern society. Both sides of the political aisle should be working to make government better. But when the starting position is, “Government is evil,” rational discussion is muted.

This irrational radicalism is how the Idaho Legislature winds up killing a bill that provides funding for child support enforcement. Only time will tell what lasting effect Hall will have on some of the Gem State’s more fear-based lawmakers.

Hall has a five-hour seminar on her version of history and government. If you don’t want to watch it, we’ve put together this highlight reel of one of her “ministries.”

* Kudos to the reference of Sharia law.