Assassins – an under-served community by anybody’s standards.

That is until now.

Last week, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo introduced S. 2209 to the U.S. Senate. It’s a bill that helps assassins where they need it most: in their pocketbooks.

Crapo’s bill prevents states from taxing silencers. You know. The thing an assassin attaches to the end of his gun so he can wax targets without attracting unwanted attention. (I’m talking about you, coppers!)

That way an assassin can spend his money on other things like fancy cars, tuxedos, and STD tests.

This was a long time coming. In Idaho, we so often talk about the plight of the middle class, the struggles of young families and the difficulties of saving for retirement that we forget about the everyday strife of assassins.

Not Sen. Crapo. Instead of being distracted by middle-class workers, he’s keeping his eye firmly affixed on helping hit men, especially when they cross state lines to avoid the heat. (I’m talking about you again, coppers!)

Bravo Sen. Crapo. Bravissimo!