Remember when the Benewah County Sheriff invited a “constitutional educator” to lecture the politically unhinged of his community?

For the next two days, that same speaker is bringing her three-ring, anti-government sideshow to the much-victimized people of Burns, Oregon.

KrisAnne Hall radio showHer name is KrisAnne Hall. She’s an ex-attorney who styles herself as a scholar of American history and the Constitution. She also hosts a right-wing radio show, as any good scholar does.

Her message to the people of Burns: the Constitution does not allow the government to own land (except for Washington, D.C.), because it’s not explicitly stated in the document.

In other words, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Olympic National parks are all unconstitutional. If that’s news to you, that’s because it’s not true. Not even close.

In Hall’s world, even the Louisiana Purchase is unconstitutional. Shame on you, Thomas Jefferson. SHAME. ON. YOU.

Kris Anne Hall putting her hands all over liberty.
Kris Anne Hall with her hands full of liberty.

This is all nonsense. Of course the U.S. can own land. In fact, the government is the source of all real property ownership rights. At one point, the entire West was owned by the federal government — gained through purchase or war from France, Spain, Great Britain or Mexico. Much of it was given away to settlers through the Homestead Act.

Yet some of that land was was too dry or too rugged to settle. Those leftovers remained in federal ownership, eventually becoming federal lands.

Whew! That was a grueling history lesson for the far right.

So in a nutshell: If you believe this country can’t own land and U.S. presidents have been violating the Constitution since the days of George Washington, you probably think the seizure of a public facility by men carrying assault rifles is peaceful. We’re looking at you Rep. Raul Labrador.

Yes, Hall’s constitutional “lessons” are the epitome of intellectual dishonesty, but her snake-oil salesman approach is a profitable business model — just ask Shahram Hadian and Ken Ivory.

So let’s dive into the mind of a constitutional crackpot and see what’s on her Facebook page. A page with the scholarly title of “Break Free from Federal Tyranny.”

In this meme, Hall makes the same mistake of thinking the Constitution explicitly says everything about everything. For instance, the Constitution doesn’t define “due process.” Does that mean there’s no due process in this country? Of course not.

US fee areas

Oh yeah, Hall peddles conspiracy theories.

Is this still America

By the way, humility isn’t her thing.


So to the people of Burns, we’re sorry. On the bright side, she won’t be there forever. Soon she’ll go back to her home in Florida. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll take Ammon and Ryan Bundy with her.