This is a ghoulish look at what haunts the Idaho Statehouse. Please, come in.


It’s a terrifying record. If winning a major court case was like winning the World Series, Gov. C.L. “The Butcher” Otter would be the Chicago Cubs. Otter’s legal record is so bad, his attorneys might as well be litigating against Matlock.

To be honest, that’s not fair. It’s not his attorneys’ fault. It’s Otter’s fault. When he looks at the world, he sees Norman Rockwell, not Larry Craig — except when he does see Larry Craig because Larry Craig is the financial treasurer of the state GOP, but I digress.

Otter understands that this state isn’t for everybody. It’s for cowboys, and everybody knows cowboys can’t be in unions — especially the gay-marriage kind or the kind that helps middle-class workers.

That’s why he defended and lost an anti-union law and a ban on gay marriage.

But he also lost lawsuits that defended an egregious ag-gag law, an anti-abortion law, the illegal Idaho Education Network Contract and an anti-First Amendment law that targeted Occupy Boise demonstrators.

So how much has this cost Idaho taxpayers?

Much more than $1 million.

That’s a heck of a bill.