Idaho politicians know more about science than scientists. At least they think they do.

Here’s the story.

Idaho’s proposed science standards were first vetted by a broad range of science teachers from primary to graduate levels. They also went through a rigorous examination by scientific professionals. Then, by law, the public was provided an opportunity to weigh in — you can read the public comments here.

Due to a mistake by the Idaho State Department of Education, the public wasn’t given adequate time to respond to the new standards. That didn’t stop the House Education Committee last week from floating the idea of quietly adopting the standards anyway, as long as they contained these deletions: (click here or the image for larger print)

Jan 22 Doc creation young earth ADJUST2That secretive plan failed when this document surfaced.

Even after their plans were revealed, lawmakers claimed the deletions were consistent with their constituents’ values.

The whole thing demonstrates just how difficult it is for Idaho teachers to give proper scientific instruction when their politicians pick and choose science standards based on the most unhinged voices in their communities.

It also doesn’t help that the House Resource and Conservation Committee chair listens to Rush Limbaugh for the latest science on climate change.

If we want Idaho’s children to be competitive in the world, we must do much, much, much better.