At last night’s Townhall meeting we learned about Congressman Raul Labrador‘s vision for the perfect healthcare plan. He told the crowd that, “the perfect healthcare system would be catastrophic healthcare insurance, with everything else paid out of pocket.”  We disagree.

It is clear that the White House will stop at nothing to repeal the Affordable Care Act inside Trump’s first 100 days in office even if it means throwing millions under the bus.

The Trump administration will blame Centrists and Democrats and even their own dysfunctional party for not getting enough votes previously to pass the harmful plan, but the truth is, it didn’t pass because it was a bad plan – plain and simple. But that’s not keeping them from trying to ram it through one more time.

We need you to call Simpson and Labrador today. Tell them to reject this new repeal attempt and tell them you do not support cuts to Medicaid.

Simpson 202-225-5531 Labrador 202-225-6611

While Trump is ending his first quarter in office with the lowest approval ever measured by Gallup, at 41 percent, we have confidence and hope that this bad health care repeal attempt will fail, just as the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency have been one failure after another.  But, if this legislation gets out of the House we will call on you once again to make calls and send letters. Next time it will be to Senators Crapo and Risch. Call Congress now so they get the message loud and clear. Tell them to leave Medicaid alone and don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, because unlike Raul Labrador, we believe that healthcare is a human right.