Paranoia and fear are powerful emotions. They are also costly. The intense fear of the federal government and sharia law led these nine Idaho lawmakers to vote against the children of Idaho – to the tune of $250 million a year.

Where the rest of the world saw a bill providing the uniform enforcement of child support payments, these nine politicians saw black helicopters, conspiracies and foreigners.

Fair enough. The Gang of Nine doesn’t trust the federal government. So who do they trust? Helicopter-wht-bgrndNOT LOCAL GOVERNMENTS — All nine voted to strip communities of eminent domain powers. All nine also voted to prevent cities from regulating ride-sharing companies. Shockingly, five of them voted to keep alive a bill banning school districts from making rules regarding the possession of knives on campus. Helicopter-wht-bgrnd-REverseNOT OTHER STATES — Four of them voted for legislation the would ask Congress to take food labeling authority away from states concerning genetically modified foods. Helicopter-wht-bgrndNOT WOMEN — All nine voted to restrict a woman’s access to reproductive care using telemedicine.

Helicopter-wht-bgrnd-REverseNOT THE IDAHO CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION — No one member of the Idaho delegation raised concerns about the federal legislation providing for uniform enforcement of child support payments. It passed the U.S. Senate on unanimous consent and it passed the House without objection.


NOT THE IDAHO SENATE — Three weeks before the Gang of Nine killed the bill, it passed the Senate 34-0-1.

Helicopter-wht-bgrnd-REverseSO WHO DO THEY TRUST? A guy named Shahram Hadian, who convinced them that a bill providing funds to enforce child support payments would threaten Idaho with sharia law.

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