What are the odds? Conservatives in the Idaho House and Senate voted today in favor of three bills that strips local control from counties, municipalities and school districts. So the next time they cite local control as one of their guiding principals, laugh.

The first was Senate Bill 1092 which was presented by Sen. Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls) as a remedy for a major problem — he’s got big knives. Heider fears that one day he’ll mosey into a town where it’s illegal to carry a large, concealed bowie knife. His solution? Nullify all city, town and school district rules concerning knives.

The second was House Bill 262 which prevents cities and towns from regulating the ride-sharing company Uber.

The third was House Bill 1044 which outlaws communities from using eminent domain for pathways, bike paths or horse trails.

This isn’t the first time local control has been completely disregarded by conservatives in the Idaho Legislature. Remember Rep. Lynn Luker’s (R-Boise) horrendous “Religious Liberty” bills? They were 19th Century responses to local ordinances that prohibit discrimination against the LGBT community.

Conservatives like to say they want local control. Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-Meridian) mentions local control four times on this one webpage, yet she voted for two of the three bills from above. Why not all three three? Because HB 262 hasn’t reached the senate yet.