When Sen. Dan Foreman, R-Moscow,  set out to represent the people in district 5 he apparently didn’t understand the role of lawmakers – they work for the voters. They work for ALL of the people in the district not just the ones they agree with. Gauging by the way he talks to his constituents you’d think he was accountable to no one.

He is a retired military man and former Moscow police officer. It is clear that the freshman Senator thinks that his constituents are little more than combatants and criminals.

This isn’t the military, Dan. You aren’t our Colonel and we aren’t your troops. You can’t command us, or shame us, or try to smack us down when we express an opinion different than yours.

In multiple letters Foreman has responded to concerns raised by voters with sarcasm, mockery, and ridicule. In the most recent letter we heard about, the freshman lawmaker resorted to gloating: “So, your side lost, and my side won. … You simply don’t like the fact that you are not getting YOUR way any longer”, reported by Idaho Politics Weekly.

Freshie Foreman represents the majority party in the Statehouse. The least he can do is be respectful when a voter pays attention and expresses care and concern for her state.

The letter continues: “…you must understand I am a Christian, conservative Republican. I won my election, because the MAJORITY of voters in my district voted for me. I defeated your left-wing liberal candidate, because a majority of voters chose me and my clearly outlined political platform of conservative values.”

Foreman identifies himself as a Christian conservative Republican, he told one constituent “I don’t believe in the separation of church and state – it’s a figment of somebody’s imagination.”

Ummm, bro, that “somebody” is Thomas Jefferson and in case you didn’t the get the memo, the entire country was founded on religious freedom. Somebody get this guy the latest copy of a Democracy for Dummies manual.

Here’s how he addresses the concerns of voters who don’t identify as conservative Republicans: “Idaho is a conservative state, and therefore has a conservative legislature. You should not be surprised we will not support liberal constructs and obsessions.”

Keep in mind, these weren’t improvised, offhand comments. These were things he thought about, decided to type, and then chose to send in an email.

By any measure these comments are unprofessional and unacceptable.

Foreman is the same guy who made headlines back in January when he announced that he believes women who have abortions, and their doctors, should be charged with murder.

In other letters he has called climate change a “chicken little fad” and a left-wing “new religion.”

Sen. Foreman, save your all-caps keyboard tantrums for your online conspiracy theorist pals. Show your constituents some respect. They are your bosses, after all.

We are nearing the end of the session. We want to provide you all with the penultimate Dan Foreman 10 ten letters list.

Send us correspondence you’ve received from Dan Foreman. We will compile the top 10 list. 

If you haven’t seen the glory of a letter from Dan Foreman yet, here is his email address – send him a note about women’s rights, the environment, LGBT rights, or pick your own topic. His email address is  dforeman@senate.idaho.gov

Send us your letters by March, 27. info@dev.betteridaho.org

Dan Foreman mocks and ridicules voters