It’s been a rough winter for the good people of Burns, Ore., zip code 97720. In fact, all of Harney County has struggled after a band of armed outsiders took over a nearby bird sanctuary and created a firestorm.

Sadly, Idahoans were involved in every part of it.

Ammon Bundy mug

 Ammon Bundy — Emmet, Idaho

Bundy was the ringleader of the armed takeover at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He’s now in jail.





Rep. Sage Dixon — Ponderay, Idaho

Dixon met with Bundy at Malheur on a cold January evening during a “fact finding” mission.





Sandra Anderson — Riggins, Idaho

Anderson was one of the last armed militants at Malheur. She’s now in jail.





Rep. Judy Boyle — Midvale, Idaho

Boyle made two trips to Malheur to support the armed insurgency. She insists the whole thing was an exercise of First Amendment rights.




Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson — Riggins, Idaho

Anderson gained notoriety when he told fellow “patriots” to kill law enforcement officers on a YouTube broadcast. He’s now in jail.




Rep. Heather Scott — Blanchard, Idaho

Scott made two trips to Malheur, even skipping her responsibilities as a representative to join the media circus. She also likes the Confederate flag.





Brandon Curtiss — Meridian, Idaho

Curtiss delivered a “letter of intent” to Harney County’s elected officials demanding they resign. They didn’t.



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