It’s rumored that the Senate will vote on our healthcare by June 30.

We have heard from friends working on the Hill, “they’re within a vote or two” and “they have the votes” needed to pass Trumpcare.

We have also heard from Senators that constituent phone calls have returned to normal, pre-Trump levels and this needs to change quickly.

Attention is the enemy of this dangerous healthcare plan and the Comey testimony provides perfect cover for working on poorly crafted legislation like this.

We learned that the all-male health care working group met behind closed doors and that moderate Republican senators—many of whom have promised to protect Medicaid coverage—are actually willing to strip Medicaid coverage from millions of people as long as it happens slowly.

Since the Senate can’t contain their enthusiasm for ripping health care away from over 23 million Americans, we will make it easy for you.

1. We need you to call Senators Crapo and Risch today. Tell them this plan is not an option for the American people.

Ask to speak to directly to their Health Legislative Assistant. Tell them you have grave concerns about this plan that will leave millions of Americans in dire straits and you want them to lean on their boss to vote against it.
These staffers are human beings. They work on health care because they care about health. Even if their bosses don’t.

Risch – (202) 224-2752 Alex Curd, Health Legislative Assistant

Crapo- (202) 224-6142 Kellie McConnell, Health Legislative Assistant

We left messages for both Alex and Kellie and said: “I know it can be hard to lean on your boss when he has a different opinion. But this plan is not right for America. I hope you will do the right thing and encourage him to vote against it when the time comes.”

 2. Watch this short video and listen to these folks from eastern Idaho.  They will be hurt deeply by this health care plan and so will thousands more. More than 277,000 Idahoans rely on Medicaid.

3. Add your name to this letter asking the Senate to hold a public hearing on healthcare. This bill has nothing to do with health care. If Senate leadership were serious about reforming our health care system they would seek the input of the American people, medical professionals, insurers—and at the very least—their Senate colleagues.