The three big “Gs” of the culture wars provides a rich wallow for Idaho politicians to purify themselves in a slop of ultra-conservatism.

It’s whatcha gotta do to stop a primary challenger from sweeping around your right flank these days.

Unfortunately, the three “Gs” consume a tremendous amount of time and energy that comes at the expense of legislation that would actually improve the lives of average Idahoans.



Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll brought two bills that expressly permits the use of the Bible in public schools. The first one was so bad it died in committee. The second was flawed and had to be amended, a process that took the Senate an entire morning to reconcile.

Meanwhile, Sen. Brent Hill called the K-12 budget the 2016 Legislature’s greatest accomplishment, even though it only funds Idaho’s schools to 2009 levels. That’s like quitting a race on the back stretch and congratulating yourself for not quitting sooner.




Idaho lawmakers have introduced three concealed carry bills. Why so many? Because a few people want to stick a gun in their britches in every town in Idaho.

Meanwhile, 78,000 adult Idahoans cannot get health insurance. Most of those people have jobs. Some have multiple jobs.  Gov. Otter introduced a bill to solve this problem, but it solved nothing, which was a problem. Perhaps lawmakers think poor, working Idahoans can use their concealed weapons to defend themselves from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.   




While lawmakers have been working hard to get Bibles in our schools and guns on our streets, they haven’t put any effort into protecting the civil rights of the gay and transgender community.

For 10 years, Idaho lawmakers have refused to do the right thing by amending the Idaho Civil Rights Act. Perhaps they’re striving to to win an award for consistency. We prefer they win the award for protecting our friends, coworkers, neighbors and family members.