While all four of our national representatives are on recess this week, keep this in mind: Thanks to them, phone and cable companies have been given the green light to sell our private data, including web-browsing history, to advertisers and other companies without consent. The legislation only needs Trump’s signature to become law at this point.

Crapo, Risch, and Labrador voted YES to allow internet service providers (ISPs) to sell your search history. Simpson was absent for the vote, claiming he didn’t know enough about the proposed legislation. We called, left information, and tried to educate him but he evidently didn’t listen. Mike Crapo, James Risch, Raul Labrador, Mike Simpson

It is well known that the communications industry is one of the largest lobbying groups in U.S. history. Essentially, they sold out for chump change. Collectively Crapo, Risch, and Labrador received $48,000 from the telecom industry during the last election cycle. 48K was all they needed to give away your most private information.

If Trump signs the bill, it will take effect later this year. Once it does, your ISP will no longer need permission to sell information about what websites you visit, the apps you use or where you use them. Thanks to Republicans (no Democrats voted for this measure) spying on us will be normal and internet service providers can and will sell your browsing data to the highest bidder – including the government.

If you see them over their recess feel free to ask them why they voted to give Comcast, Verizon and AT&T the legal right to spy on us for profit.