We continue our terrifying look at what haunts the Idaho Statehouse. Please, walk this way.


If Rep. John Rusche yells in the woods and there are 69 people within earshot, does he make a sound?

That’s a question surrounding the paranormal activity witnessed at the Idaho Capitol in the last two years.

First, Rusche urged lawmakers to consider two bills that would expand Medicaid and cut property taxes by $478 million. Sounds like a win-win, right?  After all, what’s more important to the GOP super majority than life and money?

But did his colleagues listen?

NAY! They ignored him.

Then Rusche urged lawmakers to consider a bill that provided $200 million in child support payments to Idaho’s single-parent familes, thereby avoiding an expensive and embarrassing special session.

Did his colleagues listen?

NAY! They adjourned sine die.

This has lead many people to the following conclusion: Rep. John Rusche doesn’t exist.

Only his ghost does.