Our in-depth inquiry into the spirits that haunt the Idaho Capitol continues. Don’t be afraid, be terrified.


If you listen carefully in the darkest corner of the darkest room in the basement of Idaho Capitol, you’ll hear the anguished obsessions of Rep. Lynn Lurker.

He’s fixated on one thing: an Article V constitutional convention.

I know what you’re saying: “Hey, isn’t that the guy who wanted to legalize discrimination against gay and transgender people?”

The answer is, “Yes. Yes it is.”

But now his obsession is a constitutional convention to force a balanced budget amendment.

I hear what you’re saying, “Hey wait a minute. Won’t that eliminate one of the most effective tools we have of ensuring that the economy works as effectively as possible, thereby slowing growth, increasing unemployment, and causing greater levels of poverty and inequality?”

In a word, “Yes.”

Now you ask, “Who would want such a thing?”

The answer is simple — Lynn Lurker.

The official flag of Lynn Lurker.