It was just a matter of time before Idaho lawmakers sought an audience with the leader of this country’s most notorious anti-America movement.

When Sen.Vick made the announcement on his Facebook page Saturday morning, it was hard to tell if he was referring to fellow lawmakers or the Three Percenters.
Rep. Judy Boyle (R)

Over the weekend, Reps. Heather Scott, Sage Dixon and Judy Boyle traveled to one of this country’s crown jewels, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, to speak with one of this country’s biggest blots, Ammon Bundy.

The trio were among many uninvited guests who gravitated to the headquarters of the anti-government wing of the Republican Party over the weekend. The Three Percent of Idaho also made an appearance on Saturday until Ammon Bundy told the heavily-armed, lightly-educated militiamen that they weren’t welcome at Malheur — the irony was lost on all those involved.

Rep. Heather Scott (R)

According to the Oregonian, the three Idaho Legislators were warned by Oregon Rep. Cliff Bentz, a Republican from Ontario, and Harney County Judge Steven E. Grasty that the trip to Burns was inappropriate.

Not really caring what the locals wanted, the lawmakers — along with one legislator from Oregon and two from Washington — met with Ammon Bundy himself.

Rep. Sage Dixon (R)

Not coincidentally, the last time these three lawmakers were in the news together was during another battle against the best interests of working Idahoans. In May, all three voted against a bill that provided $200 million in child support to Idaho’s single parent families.

None of the three have spoken publicly about their visit with an armed criminal who wants to seize land from the people of the United States or how that emboldens the Sovereign Citizen movement, a domestic terrorists group.

By the way, the three did not “peacefully resolve” the armed standoff as Sen. Vick prayed they would.