Wow. That escalated quickly.

Wayne Hoffman, president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, isn’t taking prisoners. He isn’t showing mercy. And the only thing he’s leaving behind is scorched earth.

It’s been a brutal run up to the May 17 primary election.

Hoffman’s philosophy is simple: Either you are with him or you are a RINO, socialist, commie who wants to raise taxes and build government reeducation camps where children will be taught how to roll joints using pages from the Bible.

Now fall in line.

The viciousness of the GOP primary isn’t unexpected. Nothing’s bloodier than a fight between brothers — except maybe a Trump rally. But Hoffman’s full-frontal assault on the potty-trained wing of the Republican Party is particularly rough.

Luke-Malek-IFF-MEMEHoffman isn’t going after just a couple GOP candidates. He’s going after a whole cattle car of them. And Rep. Luke Malek is on the top of his list.

In 2015, Malek had the audacity to criticize the IFF’s opposition to a bill providing single-parent families with child support. The back and forth went like this.

Malek: I represent my constituents, not the insurrectionists in Wayne Hoffman’s head.

Hoffman: Malek is a big-government liberal who uses the Lord’s (Ronald Reagan) name in vain.

To bludgeon Republicans, Hoffman designed the Idaho Freedom Index. Think of it as a report card that measures a lawmaker’s odds of being friends with David Duke on Facebook.

Topping this inauspicious list is Rep. Heather Scott — who proudly waves the Confederate flag in public — and Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll — who believes she has the authority to judge whether a religion is false. Did we mention Scott also supported the criminal occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon? Confederate flag share IFF MEMETo be fair, Hoffman isn’t grading lawmakers on their zeal for the Confederate flag. It’s just that lawmakers with zeal for the Confederate flag end up on the top of his list.

Romrell-from-IFF-MEMEOnly seven out of Idaho’s 105 lawmakers earned an “A” grade.

Judging by their votes on spending bills, if the Hoffman Seven controlled state government, school children wouldn’t be complaining about lunch menus. They’d be complaining that they had to burn their desks to keep warm.

Under the Hoffman Seven, things would be very different indeed. Budgets would be slashed and the Constitutional Defense Fund would become the state’s second largest expenditure behind the Ron Nate Department of Lady Part Regulation.

The Freedom Index is Hoffman’s baby. When people criticize it, he opens a 22-ounce can of whoop ass. That’s why he dropped this atomic bomb of truth on Rep. Kelley Packer after she said on Facebook that the IFF was: “nothing more than bullies and their only tools are intimidation and fear.”

Kelley-Packer-IFF-meme-MEMEPacker might as well have walked up on Hoffman while he was sleeping with his cubs on a bison kill and spit in his face.

But all Hoffman’s bravado has its risks. Should his candidates win, he’ll be the GOP’s Generalissimo, the High Priest of the Party, the Pharaoh of the Far-Right.

But should his candidates lose, he’ll go from Justin Bieber circa 2010 to Justin Bieber circa 2016.

In less than four days, we’ll know the answer. In the meantime, keep your distance. Hell hath no fury like Wayne Hoffman scorn.