One of the last times he spoke in Idaho, the State Legislature killed child support enforcement bill on fears of Sharia law, putting one in four Idaho children in peril. Now he’s back. This time Shahram Hadian, pastor and failed Washington gubernatorial candidate, hopes to stir up even more fear and xenophobia.

And why not? He doesn’t live in Idaho. Who cares if the Gem State regains the ignominious reputation of being a haven of bigotry. He’s not responsible for luring businesses into the state. He’s turning a buck on this racket, so who cares?

Rick Martin
Rick Martin

On Monday, Hadian will be speaking at the Canyon View Baptist Church in Filer at 7:00 p.m. Hadian was invited by Church Trustee Rick Martin of Buhl who said Hadian’s message, “…will help church members to better understand Islam so they can be a better witness to the Muslims in the community.”



Sadly, Hadian’s message is best summed up by a Facebook post he made Monday: “WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Period.”

Hadian is also on the record saying, “Islam only operates in brutality because it is demonic. It is a spirit that is against God.” You can see a video mash of his message below.

To Martin’s credit, he claims to know very little about Hadian, saying, “I can’t say I’m aware of much about him other than a few clips I’ve seen…on the surface, it sounds like he has a great message.”

That’s an amazing coincidence considering Martin heads the so-called groupCommittee to End the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center,” a conglomeration of people who fear the placement of 300 Syrian war refugees in the Twin Falls area because they believe, “Islam is not a religion, but an ideology where followers strive for world domination.” Martin has also been linked to a pair of false ballot schemes.

What are the chances that a group opposed to the CSI Refugee Center on fears of Sharia law would stumble upon a guy who lectures on the evils of Islam?

Granted, xenophobia isn’t a appealing characteristic for any group of people, but isn’t it kind of faint-hearted to fear 300 war refugees when Twin Falls County has 90,000 residents? Does it really justify that much fear?

Americans were supposed to have a spine. Where did ours go?

Hadian will also be speaking at the Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

Bill Colley
1310 KLIX radio host Bill Colley

According to 1310 KLIX right-wing radio host Bill Colley, Hadian will then speak at a luncheon on Wednesday, which is being held at a secret location due to fear of Muslims.

By the way, the CSI Refugee Center is one of the top placement centers in the country and Twin Falls is proud to have such a facility.