It’s a simple case of party over patriotism.

Falling in line faster than kindergartners for recess, nearly all of Idaho’s elite politicians have jumped on board the gut pile of Donald Trump’s presidential bid — a.k.a. the Trump Train.

Yet the Trump Train went off the tracks last week when the tangerine nominee said a federal judge was making unfair judgements against him because the judge, who was born in Indiana, is Mexican.

Trump obviously assumes Latinos don’t like him from of all the racist comments he’s made about Latinos. He’s probably right, but attacking the character of a sitting judge because his family is from Mexico is way, way, way beyond the pale. In fact, it’s racist.

That’s according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Copy of Trump-with-Hooters-girlsf2It’s obvious that no Gem State politician with an I.Q. higher than his hat size is going to support Trump because he believes Trump would be good for this country.

So we’re left with two choices.

  1. Our elite politicians want to harm this country.
  2. Our elite politicians are putting party above patriotism.

Wethinks it’s the latter.



“Trump will tower over Hillary.”

— Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter




“If (Trump is) is the nominee, I’ll support him.”

— Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney




“I plan to support whoever the GOP nominee is.”

— Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane




“Absolutely. Considering the alternatives, that’s an easy choice for me.”

— Idaho Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill




“I will support our party’s nominee.”

— Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke




“If (Trump’s) the candidate I’ll support him. I don’t have any problem with that at all.”

— Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle




“I’m going to support and do my hardest to get (Trump) elected.”

— U.S. Senator Mike Crapo


Then on Monday, Crapo’s Democratic opponent, Jerry Sturgill, asked Crapo to denounce Trump’s racist remarks. The three-term Senator responded with this statement:



“Donald Trump may have his reasons for questioning how his case is being handled. But that should stop well short of attacking the judge in the case regarding his ethnic background. He should withdraw his remarks.”


Yet Crapo still supports his party’s nominee.

That leaves us with two questions.

  1. How much racism is too much racism for Idaho’s elite politicians?
  2. When will Idaho’s elite politicians choose patriotism over party?

We’re waiting for answers.