The crazy is hard to keep up with around here

Lawmakers are up to their ears in controversy, wasting time & money, insulting women and making the state look like a bunch of whackjobs and we are only in our first week of the 2017 legislative session.


Tea Party lover and known racist, Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, angrily commented that female lawmakers advance their careers only if they “spread their legs.”  It’s 2017 and this is the kind of garbage we are dealing with from our State Representatives.

We shudder thinking of the message this sends to young girls in Scott’s home district.

It is known that female lawmakers do not feel safe in Scott’s presence – she carries a gun, displays aggressive behavior and has been found tampering with Capitol property for fear of being spied on. Paranoia much?

Since making the derogatory and sexist remark to Judy Boyle, R-Midvale,

Scott has been stripped of all committee appointments and will now sit like a bump on a log, wasting taxpayer dollars.

Scott is not alone in her Northern Idaho craziness. She’s flanked by

Freshman Dan Foreman who is coming out of the gates swinging with his hate for women and classic politician style hypocrisy. He promises to propose legislation that would classify abortion as first-degree murder for mother and doctor. “I don’t want to tell a woman what to do with her body, and neither should the government,” Foreman said, “But… Roe v Wade was wrong.” Ummm, dude. You DO want to tell a woman what to do with her body and you want to punish her if she doesn’t listen to you.

Lacking creativity but rich with hate he is taking a page out of Trump’s misogyny book in terms of retaliating against women.

Between the whiplash that citizens have trying to keep up with the crazy and the head shaking the GOP is undoubtedly doing in Idaho right about now, this whole state is going to need a chiropractic adjustment, or, since it’s Idaho, maybe we should just expect that God will heal us.

Keep it classy Northern Idaho!