I have to admit. Ever since nine GOP members of the Idaho House voted against Idaho’s children over unfounded fears of Sharia law, I’ve been seeing their faces in my mind.

I’ve also been seeing the faces of Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-Dalton Gardens) and Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll (R-Cottonwood) who stoked the flames of fear by listening to anti-Islam, anti-immigrant pastor Shahram Hadian.

But other than Rep. Kathleen Sims (R-Coeur d’Alene) who penned a laughable defense of her vote and Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise) who defended his vote in a letter to the editor that the state GOP promptly distanced itself from, we haven’t heard from the rest of the nine plus two.

You’re probably saying, “What about Rep. Janet Trujillo? Didn’t she comment?” to which I reply, “Plagiarism doesn’t count.”

That’s why Better Idaho is calling for a full, open and transparent process for next week’s special session.

Let us hear from the people who believe the ramblings of Hadian and his clan of crazies over the Idaho Attorney General. Let us hear from the people who would rather thumb their noses at the federal government than help the children of Idaho.

The best way to cure people of dark, deeply repressed, irrational fears is by putting those fears on to the table for everybody to see.

Sign the petition asking House Speaker Scott Bedke to have a full public hearing on the child-support enforcement legislation.

On Monday I want those crazy faces out of my mind and behind the lectern. Let them explain themselves. Let’s exorcise the demons of fear through transparency.