Consider it a litmus test. A very expensive litmus test. This week’s special legislative session gave Idahoans a perfect opportunity to see which Gem State legislators are fully engaged in reality and which ones live in nah-nah land.

It’s not often a single vote can distinguish between thoughtful individuals and people who believe the earth is 6,000 years old, global warming is fake and America is a communist country controlled by a fascist dictator. But the vote over the child support bill did just that.

It passed the Idaho Senate 33-2, which means five percent of Idaho Senators have lost the battle for lucidity. But in the House, it passed 49-21, which means a full 30 percent of House members aren’t all there — if you know what I mean.

Where does this fanaticism come from? It’s pretty obvious.

The Unhinged — all legislators voted against the child support bill

  • District 2 – Reps. Barbieri, Redman and Sen. Regan (in for Vick)
  • District 7 – Reps. Shepherd, McMillan and Sen. Nuxoll

The Nuts — both House members voting against the bill

  • District 1 – Reps. Dixon and Scott
  • District 3 – Reps. Cheatham and Mendive
  • District 20 – Reps. Holtzclaw and Palmer

The Kooky — one House member voting against the bill

  • District 4 – Rep. Sims
  • District 8 – Rep. Gestrin
  • District 9 – Rep. Boyle
  • District 14 – Rep. Moyle
  • District 21 – Rep. Harris
  • District 22 – Rep Monks
  • District 23 – Rep. Nielsen
  • District 26 – Rep. Miller
  • District 28 – Rep. Andrus
  • District 34 – Rep. Nate

Ada and Canyon counties

Of the 39 lawmakers who represent these two counties only six House members voted against child support: Reps. Batt, Moyle, Holtzclaw, Palmer, Harris and Monks. That’s a rate of 15 percent. Not great, but not bad.