On Wednesday the State Affairs Committee introduced legislation to build more barriers for women seeking an abortion. After no debate or discussion the bill, SB1131, was introduced by Rep. Lori Den Hartog, R-Meridian.

Why can’t the Idaho Legislature trust women? Women know what is right for their bodies and their futures but Idaho lawmakers can’t seem to trust this truth.  

The bill itself is garbage. As in, it is nothing more than rubbish and waste. It seeks to provide information that is not based on science and is not supported by doctors or National OB/GYN organizations. The bill does not benefit women in any way. In fact, it misleads them.

The bill claims that a woman can take the hormone progesterone to stop an abortion after the first of two medications needed to complete the procedure have been taken. This is false, There is not a secret pill or hormone that will reverse an abortion. The claim is not backed up by science and Doctors will tell you that women rarely change their minds after deciding a safe and legal abortion is right for them. The Idaho Legislature is offering up make-believe medicine.

Idaho lawmakers, why don’t you trust women? Stay out of their bodies and give them reproductive freedom.

Tell the Senate State Affairs Chairman and your legislators that you oppose SB 1131, the make-believe medicine bill against women.
Contact them here. –> http://bit.ly/NoSB1131