In the Idaho Legislature, power and longevity are closely intertwined. How does your lawmaker compare to his or her colleagues? This graph shows how many two-year terms each Idaho Legislature has been elected.

The top seven longest serving lawmakers are Bell, Loertscher, Cameron, Keough, Moyle, Tippets and Davis. That’s a lot of power. Those seven include the co-chairs of the powerful Joint Finance Committee (Bell and Cameron), the chair of the House State Affairs Committee (Loertscher), the House Majority Leader (Moyle), the chair of the Senate Commerce Committee (Tippets) and the Senate Majority Leader (Davis). Only Shawn Keough, a moderate Senator from Sandpoint, isn’t a committee chair or on leadership. Terms-in-Idaho-Legisalture-meme2

By the numbers

13 – average terms elected of a Senate Committee Chair (26 years)
12.5 – average terms elected of a House Committee Chair (25 years)
11 – average terms elected of a House leadership member (22 years)
9 – average terms elected of a Senate leadership member (18 years)

FACT: District 27 has been represented by the same three lawmakers for almost a decade.

Some lawmakers terms are not concurrent.