The bill won’t be heard Monday. 

We will keep you posted about this anti-worker legislation and let you know when your testimony is needed. 
In the meantime, call your reps and tell them you do not support H264


Rep. Dorothy Moon, R- Stanley, sponsored a bill to effectively end collective bargaining for teachers in Idaho.

The ramifications of this legislation are disastrous for all workers in the state.

It is an insidious blow to labor everywhere. This is the same attack we saw in 2011 in Wisconsin when public sector worker’s rights to collectively bargain were under assault. We need to let them know NOW that this bill has no future in Idaho.

Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin – The people’s response to Governor Scott Walker’s assault on workers rights to collectively bargain Photo credit-Sam Mayfield


The following is a message from the Idaho Education Association.

The IEA urges you to contact members of the House Education Committee THIS WEEKEND and tell them to VOTE NO on H0264,which will be heard Monday morning. This bill would effectively end collective bargaining for teachers in Idaho.  Who’s next? The Firefighters and other unions?  This is an unnecessary piece of legislation aimed at ending collective bargaining. The current collective bargaining process, put into law by the legislature in 2012, works well for both local associations and school districts. This legislation was not requested by any education group or reputable entity.

The IEA and local association presidents will be joined by school district leaders to testify against the bill Monday. We will explain to and show the committee exactly how the current process works and why it is effective and transparent. The legislation would replace the current process with a secret ballot that would actually make it more difficult to determine who is voting. Transparency would be gone.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is behind this legislation. They frequently bring anti-union legislation thinly disguised as promoting transparency and fairness. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-Stanley). To testify or listen in, join Monday’s meeting at 8:30 AM in room EW41 of the Capitol.  Streaming coverage available here.

To reiterate, no education groups have asked for, or support this legislation. In fact, the system currently in place works quite well for both districts and local associations. Please let members of the House Education Committee know that you oppose H0264!

URGENT: Action Needed—Contact House Education Committee Members This Weekend