Rep. Raul Labrador’s town hall meeting in Meridian on April 19th illustrates how ready Idahoans are to hold their elected officials accountable. Just in time for tonight’s town hall in Nampa, we’ve recapped the ways the Congressman answered (or didn’t answer) questions put to him by his constituents.

The first question was related to Labrador’s stated objective of eliminating the federal Department of Education. He claims that states do better at providing education than the federal government does. His response drew a visceral response from the crowd. Since the Gem State ranks near the bottom in national education rankings, his claim is particularly offensive and difficult to defend.

Related to education, another voter asked the Congressman if he would commit to not support any budget that undermines funding for special education. His response was vague and related to bringing accountability back to the states. Ultimately, he failed to give a clear answer.

One voter asked why Congress doesn’t take a look at what other developed countries are doing to provide care for their people and craft an American solution. The voter mentioned Canada as an example of one nation that has a system which works pretty well, to which Labrador responded that Canada and other socialized medicine programs use “rationing” to determine who does and doesn’t get care. The voter asserted that we have rationing in American healthcare as well; “we just ration based on income rather than need.”

The moment that’s been the most widely reported was Labrador’s response to a question about healthcare. “No, I do not believe that healthcare is a human right,” he offered as an explanation for his views stating that a right is something which government must provide, to which many in the crowd shouted “Yes! Exactly!”

Many questions were centered on the refusal of congressional Republicans, including Labrador, to hold the Trump administration accountable for its many extravagances, scandals, and shady dealings. One constituent asked why Labrador and his buddies in Congress haven’t done anything to stop Trump from wasting taxpayer money by spending so much time at Mar-a-Lago, and if he’s concerned about the lack of transparency related to Trump meeting with foreign leaders and others at his private resort rather than at the White House. After a series of dodges, Labrador claimed he didn’t know what the current relationship is between the Mar-a-Lago resort and Trump himself. The voter threw up his hands and walked away from the microphone shaking his head.
We feel you, sir, you are not alone.

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