The first shots against a high-powered north Idaho lawmaker have been fired.

Way up there, next to Canada, change is a comin’. Once a bastion of headstrong conservative politicians, a closed GOP primary has transformed Idaho’s panhandle into an incubator for unhinged fear mongers and conspiracy theorists.

The names say it all:

  • Barbieri
  • Redman
  • Dixon
  • Scott
  • Souza
  • Sims
  • Cheatham
  • Mendive
  • Vick

But there are two north Idaho lawmakers missing from that list: Rep. Luke Malek and Sen. Shawn Keough. That’s because they have records of prudence, thoughtfulness and discernment, which doesn’t sit well with ultra-conservatives in Boundary and Bonner counties.

Now they’re ready purify their ranks.

Step one: take down Sen. Keough.

Sen. Shawn Keough
Sen. Shawn Keough

Around the first of the year, a website titled “Retire Shawn Keough” appeared on the internet.

Keough, by the way, is the co-chair of the powerful budget committee. That’s a good thing if you live in her district.

However, not everybody in her district likes the fact that she voted to enforce child support payments for single-parent children while voting against guns in college classrooms and state sponsored rape.

Kathy Rose
Kathy Rose

One of those people is Kathy Rose, a seething ultra-conservative who ran unsuccessfully for Lake Pend Oreille School Board last year.

The “Retire Shawn Keough” website is hosted by an internet account that also hosts the website for Bonner County Republican Women and Madame Blues, a denim craft store that is registered to Rose. The address for the web host and craft company are Rose’s home address.

Rose’s husband contributed $50 to Rep. Heather Scott in the 2014 election.

Meanwhile, Sen. Keough is facing ultra-conservative Glenn Rohrer in the May 17 primary. Rohrer called the bill to enforce child support payments, “a sad day for freedom in Idaho.”

For his part, Rohrer says he has nothing to do with the webpage; however, he believes retiring Keough is a great idea that he will “work hard to get done.”

This is a harbinger of things to come for the last two non-fear-based Republican legislators in north Idaho.

The purification has begun. It won’t end until every legislative seat in the northern tip of the state is occupied by people who believe over-armed, under-educated militiamen have a better grasp on Constitutional law than the Supreme Court.

Obviously, the only winners in that scenario will be the A.M. talk-show hosts who make a living scaring the hell out of white people.

Memes from the “Retire Shawn Keough” web page.

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