On Tuesday morning, the Idaho Legislature introduced its fourth bill of this legislative session that limits a woman’s right to an abortion.

This latest bill is a rewrite of a bill introduced last week that bans telemedicine, but only concerning women’s health.

According to Idaho Medical Association spokesman Ken McClure, the IMA approached the bill’s sponsor, Idaho Chooses Life Executive Director David Ripley, with the following message: “We can’t make this work in the real world.”

In an attempt to stop a train wreck, the IMA offered to help with the bill’s language to prevent it from endangering women’s healthcare more than it already did.

In other words, Idaho Chooses Life wanted to take away healthcare options for women, yet the bill was written so badly the group nearly blundered into taking away more rights from women than they intended.

Here’s the bottom line: Idaho Chooses Life drafted a bill limiting women’s medical choices without consulting the Idaho Medical Association.

They say their bill is about women’s safety. If it was, you’d think they would have consulted with a doctor.

By the way, the IMA doesn’t endorse the bill, it is simply trying to avoid a disaster.