McKenzie-with-lawmakers-MEME-W-GOP-LOGOSupreme Court justices are supposed to be non-partisan and impartial. That’s because judges work for all of us. Not for a political party.

So who forgot to tell that to Sen. Curt McKenzie?

McKenzie is running for the Idaho Supreme Court.

Yet the way he’s focusing on his Republican cronies, you’d think he was running for GOP class president.

He’s been speaking at Lincoln Day dinners and hamming it up with the state’s well-connected politicians, as if the average Idahoan doesn’t count.

There’s nothing illegal about it. But it certainly pushes the edge of the Idaho Code of Judicial Conduct:


Canon 5

The purpose of the Canon is to prohibit judges (and judge candidates) from engaging in conduct which promotes partisan political activities.

Instead of making an effort to reach out to all Idahoans, McKenzie is posting photos on Facebook of himself standing next to GOP lawmakers — his political cronies — as if being a well-connected politician is the most important qualification for the job.

In the meantime, there isn’t a single photo of McKenzie with a member of the minority party.

Somebody needs to tell him nearly 52 percent of Idaho voters are NOT registered Republicans (and that’s after tens of thousands temporarily registered with the GOP so they can participate in the closed primary).

Somebody needs to tell him Idaho already has too much backroom deal making. 

We need a Supreme Court judge who will work for every Idahoan. Thus far, McKenzie seems more interested in the state’s ruling class. 

That’s not good for our future.

Idaho must do better.