In the third and final presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed that the United States electoral system was rigged.

Considering the number of candidates in Idaho who have endorsed Trump we did our due diligence to reach out to our current lawmakers. We wanted to see where they stand on preserving democracy.

We asked three questions:

  1. Will you honor the outcome of the presidential election?

  2. Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power to a new president?

  3. Can you respond to Trump’s allegations that the electoral system in the United States is rigged?

Here are the results:

Secretary of State, Lawrence Denney – Left a message; no call back.

Senator Mike Crapo – Left a message; no call back.

Congressman Simpson – Left a message; no call back.

Congressman Raul Labrador – Press secretary Dan Popkey, dodged all questions stating he could not answer them because, “…the questions were campaign related,” and he, “…was not authorized to comment on campaign-related issues.”

When we explained that we were looking for an answer from Labrador as our sitting congressional representative, and not the candidate, press secretary Popkey said he could not discuss the issue with us. He then wanted to know where I was from and how long I’ve been in Idaho.
This is shady. This is what you get when you ask questions of your elected officials in Idaho.

When a candidate running for president calls into question the foundation of our democracy, it is our right to hear from our elected officials about where they stand on the matter. Demanding to know residential history and refusing to answer a constituent’s question is unacceptable and antithetical to transparency in government.idahovotes

Between Senator Crapo’s endorsement of Trump / withdrawn endorsement / not voting for Trump / now voting for Trump whirlwind one has to ask: who are these guys representing and what are their values?

Congressman Simpson never endorsed Trump, and has recently said that he believes Trump is unfit for the job.

Congressman Labrador maintains his support for Trump, the sexual predator.

We were hoping to get a statement from Secretary of State Denney regarding the safety of Idaho’s elections but it seems he wants to keep us in suspense.