Question: What the hell does tyranny have to do with the armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge?

Why are we asking? Take a look at this Jan. 6 Facebook post from Rep. Heather Scott.

“Burns, Oregon Situation:

More and more citizens are feeling pushed to their individual tipping points. Years of citizen complacency has allowed the federal government to expand beyond its authority. We get the government we allow, and we have allowed this situation in Oregon to happen by not controlling the bureaucrats who work for ‘We the People’. Remember, ALL power is inherent in the people but unless citizens recognize that power and start wielding it properly, we will continue to allow centralized government to commit more acts of tyranny. Exercising power in an appropriate, legitimate manner is critical to controlling government tyranny.”

You’re forgiven if the word salad makes you think of Sarah Palin. But it’s worth an examination of that word “tyranny.” It gets used more and more often by politically unhinged politicians as an excuse for why they’re acting political unhinged.

So what does the word actually mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines tyranny as, “Cruel and oppressive government or rule.”

Let’s look at the facts of the illegal occupation in Malheur:

  • The Hammond family, who started this mess, were sentenced to prison under mandatory minimum laws. These laws were championed by Rep. Heather Scott’s own political party. Today, the only folks standing in the way of mandatory minimum reforms are people in Scott’s own political party.

Our verdict: NOT TYRANNY.

  • The Hammonds were not sugar and spice and everything nice. They threatened refuge workers’ children. After a two-week long trial, a jury of their peers found them guilty of arson. Their sentence was reduced by a judge before another judge said that would violate mandatory minimum laws championed by Scott’s own political party.

Our verdict: NOT TYRANNY

  • Ammon Bundy has violated a slew of federal laws while threatening lawmen with violence if he’s stopped. Most people in Scott’s own political party has rebuked the illegal occupation. What has the government done? Nothing.

Our verdict: NOT TYRANNY

  • Now Bundy wants to redistribute land within the refuge, a refuge established by a president who belongs to Scott’s own political party. It’s not going to happen because the people of the United States don’t want our land stolen from us.

Our verdict: NOT TYRANNY

Clearly, none of it is tyranny. But hope is not lost. We’ve come up with a plan so Rep. Scott can say the word without misusing it.