Tell IACI’s board of directors to fire Alex Labeau

The language isn’t child friendly, which makes sense. Neither is the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI).

This week we learned that Alex LaBeau, the president of the most powerful lobbying firm in Idaho, unleashed a profane email tirade after hearing that Sen. Jeff Siddoway — as chairman of the Taxation Committee — would block attempts to terminate Idaho’s business property tax unless the state’s underfunded schools received more money.

Here’s the email.

“Suckaway can eat a dick and hug a teacher. How fucking stupid. Let me see-make me and my committee completely irrelevant for the foreseeable future. Jesus! People have no fucking vision or forethought. Doucher. Regardless we will drop some shit in his lap-just to be dicks.”

Yes, he’s talking about a five-term State Senator. Yes, he’s mocking teachers. But what he’s really talking about is Idaho’s children. In the past eight years, the Idaho Legislature has cut taxes 11 times. IACI, which represents some of the wealthiest companies in Idaho, has lobbied for every cut.

Those tax cuts have come at the expense of our children. As revenues have dropped, Idaho’s schools have struggled to get by. Ninety-three of the state’s 115 school districts require a supplemental levy just to survive. More than 40 school districts are on a four day week.

Meanwhile, IACI’s power in the statehouse has grown. In 2013, IACI lobbyists spent $55,000 swooning lawmakers to vote their way. So when Sen. Siddoway dared to stand up for the children of Idaho, LaBeau went apoplectic.

How dare Sen. “Suckaway” step out of line!

We’ve learned two things in this unsavory episode. First, IACI has no interest in the well being of Idaho’s children. And second, LaBeau expects legislators do to exactly what he says.

Tell IACI’s board of directors to fire Alex Labeau