Notorious anti-public lands crusader Jim Chmelik lost in last month’s primary by a 2 to 1 margin. Now he’s comparing himself to three titans of history.

When a politician compares himself to Lincoln, Reagan and Chruchill, it begs the question: “What’s next?” 

From the Lewiston Tribune

Lincoln, Churchill and Reagan did not quit; neither will

By Jim Chmelik

“Just as soon as I get what I want I become unsatisfied.” – Sarah Evans

Marty Trillhaase, you should try reading your own newspaper for a proliferation of the facts. Kathy Hedberg has reported at least twice that while I am assisting in the organization of the Coalition of Counties, I receive zero dollars in compensation. And I never will, even as a private citizen. Any and all funds spent in this endeavor have been my own personal dollars or those received from like-minded individuals. Is this transparency driving you insane because you are not used to seeing it from the Democrats?

Idaho County’s association with the Coalition of Counties is no different than the relationship we have with the Idaho Association of Counties, the National Association of Counties or the Western Interstate Region of Counties; to which the county pays dues. These dues come to thousands of dollars annually. The Coalition of Counties is a one-time contribution never to be asked for again.

Marty, you know all this and so I have to ask what are you afraid of? How can I strike so much fear in you that even after you have beaten me, you are not satisfied? Do you want every last drop of my blood? No, it is not my blood you want; it is my silence.

And rather than debate the merits of ideas, you attempt to smear and intimidate me.

A true test of our character is how we respond to adversity. Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections, failed twice in business and had a complete nervous breakdown – all before being elected president of the United States.

In his first run for the presidency, Ronald Reagan lost. Four years later, he persisted and he won. In his first term, he withstood the relentless pressure of the opposition to compromise his core values. He stood fast and won a second term in a landside. Along the way, he moved people to realize their full potential.

Lincoln’s and Reagan’s responses to the enormous pressures of life’s adversities should remind us change only comes about when we think we can change it. The little train did not get to the top of the mountain by thinking it couldn’t.

And Winston Churchill did not inspire a country by telling them to give up.

In the end, the entire issue of federal lands is about control. Today, property rights are being usurped in the name of land reform and everything we have comes from the land.

Dictators like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Adolf Hitler all knew this: Once they controlled the land, they controlled the food supply and so, too, the people. It is a lust for power, and in its wake millions have died. We will never be in charge of our own destiny as long as the government owns and controls the means by which wealth is created.

When the question is asked to please demonstrate in either our state or federal constitutions where you are guaranteed a right to communal property from the federal government, not one person has accepted the challenge.

Utah’s current legal underpinnings rest on sound legal precedent and not one legal eagle from the left is mounting legal opposition to the finding as presented to the Utah Legislature. The legal challenges from the Coalition of Counties rest on these same legal arguments.

The fact that I am now even a bigger target after losing demonstrates that Trillhaase and his comrades are concerned with the staying power of these ideas. These ideas scare them, for without the land they lose control.

So, like Lincoln, Reagan and Churchill, I will not be silenced.

I will continue to fight against the tyranny that is the federal control of our rural communities. I will continue to fight for the private property rights and the protection of them. I will continue to fight for our Republican form of government and for the fact that our rights do not come from government, they come from our creator and that our government was instituted to protect these rights, not abridge them.

Our children’s freedoms rest in our hands and we do have a choice. The question is: Will we pay it forward so future generations will enjoy the liberty our Republic affords us? Or will we relegate the greatest nation ever conceived to the dust heap of history?

Will we be able to say: “Tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow, we gave our today”? – The Kohima Epitaph