They are connoisseurs of cruddy ideas. Their State Representative and spirit animal is Vito Barbieri, a California native who thinks a woman’s digestive track and reproductive organs are connected and Muslims are invading Idaho. Let’s face it, Kootenai County Republicans are the Ted Nugents of Idaho politics.

That’s why Idaho lawmakers should carefully listen to KCRs and then do the exact opposite of what they say.

On April 28, 2015 KCRs passed a resolution asking state lawmakers to oppose legislation that provides Idaho’s children with $205 million per year in child support. It’s not best to described their argument with complete sentences. Rather, it’s best to use this mash of words: extortion, treaty, international law, tribunals, United Nations, Constitution. There’s also an implicit word mash. It looks like this: sharia law, outsiders, black helicopters, Muslim president.

On Feb. 24, 2015 KCRs voted on a resolution that would officially declare the United States a Christian nation — you know, a theocracy, just like our founding fathers intended. The resolution failed, but not before garnering national attention that depicted Idahoans as Constitutionally ignorant.

On Nov. 25, 2014 KCRs passed a resolution saying climate change is not caused by humans. It also asked Idaho lawmakers to oppose any public funds for wind or solar projects. After all, why would we make the world a better place if we don’t have to?

On Oct. 27, 2014 KCRs passed a resolution opposing Coeur d’Alene’s gay and transgender non-discrimination ordinance. Apparently to KCRs, “discrimination” and “freedom” are the same word.

On March 19, 2011 Washington State madman, Shahram Hadian, was the keynote speaker at the KCRs’ Lincoln Day dinner where he claimed sharia law is coming to get us. Four years later, he was instrumental in convincing north Idaho lawmakers to kill a bill that provides $205 million in child support to Idaho families due to irrational fears of sharia law. That’s the same bill KCRs oppose in their April 28, 2015 resolution. Wonder where they got the idea?

The lesson to state lawmakers is this: Pass child-support legislation, don’t propose a theocracy, invest in clean energy, Add the Words and don’t listen to religious bigots.