May the fourth be with you and may we ALL have access to affordable life saving healthcare regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Congress votes today. PLEASE Call  Mike Simpson (202) 225-5531 and Raul Labrador (202) 225-6611. Tell them to oppose this disastrous healthcare plan that will leave over 24 million Americans uninsured.

Here is why the Republican plan is a terrible idea –

  • The Republican healthcare bill will deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.
  • The Congressional Budget Office has not had time to “score” the legislation—meaning the House will vote on a bill without knowing its projected impact. A CBO review of similar legislation in March estimated it would add 24 million people to the ranks of the uninsured.
  • Americans who get health care through their employer will not be spared – millions everywhere are at risk of losing protections against lifetime caps on insurance.
  • The bill exempts Members of Congress and their staffs from the law. If Republicans can’t stomach their own plan, how can they ask the American people to ?

  • The Republican healthcare bill would mean premium hikes for common issues; over $4,000 for a person with asthma, $8,000 for someone with depression and a whopping $17,000 for a pregnancy (WITHOUT any complications).
  • Even special education is on the chopping block; the Republican bill would kill Medicaid funding that enables schools to provide special education programs.