Idaho does not need this. As a state, we’ve worked hard to shed a bad reputation created when white supremacists moved to north Idaho in the 1970s. Yet even though the Aryan Nations finally left the Gem state in 2000,  Idaho still has its share of unsavory characters.

One of those characters is Bill Colley, a recent transplant (surprise, surprise) whose purpose in life is to concoct conspiracy theories and denigrate the second largest religion on earth.

Colley was fired as a right-wing talk radio host in Syracuse, New York. Unfortunately, he became a far-right wing talk radio host in Twin Falls.

Now he’s trying to stop the College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center from accepting refugees of the Syrian civil war.

You know. Now that Colley’s here, he doesn’t’ want any of those “other” people ruining the neighborhood.

And as you can tell by this video, he’s not shy about it.

He used the “B” word. Not me. But he’s probably right. The refugee of Bashar al-Assad and ISIS must have the exact same world view as the 9-11 hijackers — just like all white, Christian men must want to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma City.

Back in Syracuse, Colley earned a reputation for having particularly bad feelings toward people with different skin pigments than his. Once he attributed road-side trash to his perceived influx of Latinos.

And according to these comments, he doesn’t like Muslims or the nation of Mexico.

His callers don’t like Muslims either.

In fact, at least one of his listeners is a self-described bigot.

But Colley does more than impugn minorities. He’s also a conspiracy theory aficionado.

The conspiracies don’t even have to be remotely believable. (By the way, the “pinwheels” he’s taking about are wind turbines.)

Sure, this guy is a right-wing crackpot. But Idaho lawmakers are too often enchanted by crackpots. Remember Shahram Hadian? His anti-Muslim screed derailed a bill that provided funding for child-support enforcement, potentially costing Idaho children $205 million.

Back in the old days, people like Colley were dismissed as A.M. radio kooks. But nowadays, they’re influencing inept lawmakers who can’t distinguish the difference between right-wing entertainment and reality.

Keep an eye and ear out for this guy.