A 12-year-old girl was hospitalized over the weekend after being accidentally shot at a Rupert gun range by a member of the III%.

Brandon Curtiss
Brandon Curtiss

Brandon Curtiss, Idaho III% President, announced in a Facebook post that a III% member was clearing his weapon when it discharged, striking the 12-year-old in the stomach.

“She was taken to by life flight to Pocatello where she is getting ready to undergo surgery,”

The Magic Valley Times-News reports the girl’s mother said she was in stable condition this morning.

Members had gathered at the shooting range after a county meeting, according to Curtiss.

Curtiss is asking III%ers to to “contact you zone leader” to help the family with expenses.

The III% militia uses the threat of violence to promote its ultra-nationalistic ideology. Its motto is: “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

Eric Parker at the Bundy ranch (top) and at the Capitol on Saturday.
Eric Parker at the Bundy ranch (top) and at the Capitol protesting refugees.

The group participated in the 2014 armed stand off between Cliven Bundy and BLM officials in Nevada. One of its members, Eric Parker, rose to prominence after a photograph of him pointing his rifle at law enforcement officers went viral. He has not yet been arrested for his role.

The III% also attempted to participate in the armed siege of Malheur, but was rejected by the ringleader Ammon Bundy. Bundy is now in custody, facing federal charges.

Curtiss, of Meridian, asked for III% members to pray for the young victim and her family and not obsess over the accident.

“Let’s not ask about details right now and focus on helping our family.”