Rep. Dustin Manwaring, R-Pocatello, is new to the Idaho Legislature this session. The freshman representative introduced a bill to limit early voting statewide in Idaho. The bill is now headed to the House floor.

In our progressive dreams we wish to see more access to the ballot box, not less. With that in mind, we do not support legislation limiting a chance to vote early.  The need for creating a standardized system for the state is baseless. We are hopeful that it won’t pass and that county clerks will remain trusted sources, knowing what is best for their towns during election season.

Yes Votes: Reps. Loertscher, Monks, Luker, Crane, Palmer, Holtzclaw, Armstrong and Manwaring.

No Votes: Reps. Barbieri, Harris, Scott, Giddings, Zito, Smith and Jordan.

Manwaring recently voted to increase tax-cuts for the wealthy.
His priorities are clear, hard-working Idahoans are not his primary concern.