Seriously. How much racism will it take before Idaho’s politicians stop supporting Donald Trump?

This week, both Sen. Mike Crapo and Rep. Mike Simpson denounced Trump’s racists comments about a federal judge.

If Trump wore a Confederate jacket, would that be too much racism?

Yet they both continue to support the man for president.

For his part, Rep. Raul Labrador is keeping quiet, either failing or refusing to respond to questions about Trump’s racism from the Spokane-Review’s Betsy Russell.

Apparently, in this day and age, a little racism is okay.

It wasn’t that long ago when Republicans wouldn’t tolerate a racist presidential candidate. But things have changed. Now a little racism is bothersome, but fine — sort of like a sniffly nose. Twenty-five years ago, the GOP treated racism like Ebola: isolating it, denouncing it and rebuking it’s purveyors.

But the modern GOP sees racism like little mold on sandwich bread. They’ll eat most of the sandwich. They’ll just ignore the part that’s green and fuzzy.

If Trump did a photo shoot with the KKK, would that be too much racism?

Sadly, Crapo, Simpson and Labrador could send a powerful message to the rest of the GOP that racism is not to be tolerated. None of them need the support of minorities to get elected in pearly white Idaho.

In other words, if they yank their support for Trump, it would be based purely on principle, not political expediency. That’s a hell of a message to send their party. A party that desperately needs to be more inclusive.

Alas, they’ve done no such thing. Which makes us wonder how much racism it will take before Idaho’s congressional delegation dumps Trump?

If Trump cut an album with George Zimmerman, would that be too much racism?