Respect the Constitution

Remember that thing Idaho politicians carry around in their vest pockets? It’s more than a fashion accessory. Open it up and there are words inside. And those words mean something, which is why it’s strange the state has wasted $2.1 million fighting the Constitution in court. This year, let’s show the Constitution – and the founding fathers that Gem State politicians always gush about – some courtesy.

Get organizedInsane-clown-posse-MEME

When Gov. C.L “Butch” Otter went to veto a bill that banned slot machines, he waited two days too long. We understand. With all those boxes and numbers, calendars can be confusing. In 2016, let’s vow to be better organized.

Respect others

Last year was a banner year for homophobic bakers and florists. Never before has such a small constituency been championed by so many politicians. Maybe in 2016 those same lawmakers can do what’s right: Add the Words. Come on. Make your children and grandchildren proud. They will judge you. As will history.

Stop fetishing over lady parts

Idaho politicians spend more time worrying about what women do with their bodies than junior-high school boys. This year, vow to stop it. Just stop it. It’s creepy.

Heather Scott Confederate flagRead about basic U.S. history

We’re talking real basic stuff. Rep. Heather Scott loves the Confederate flag. She says it has nothing to do with slavery. To her credit, in her world it doesn’t. Unfortunately, her world is incompatible with the factual universe. That universe can be accessed by reading history books written by somebody other than Glenn Beck. Go ahead. What a wonderful world you will find.

Learn basic scienceMcstuffins-MEME

Rep. Dell Raybould listens to Rush Limbaugh for his scientific knowledge, and – you probably want to sit down before reading further – he is the chairman of the Idaho House Resources and Conservation Committee. That’s like getting medical advice from Doc McStuffins. Idaho can do a lot better. Let’s use our brains in 2016.

Be brave

You’re tough. There’s no need to be scared. Idaho politicians nearly made the Gem State a sanctuary for deadbeat parents because they feared joining an international treaty on child support that included Bosnia and Albania. Remember when small Balkan countries didn’t petrify us? This year, let’s get back to that position of strength.

Help others

No, helping others isn’t a top priority for some people. But luckily, it’s really easy to do. By simply expanding Medicaid, Idaho’s politicians can help 78,000 Idahoans get health insurance. It would save lives and money. Remember the conservative principles of life and money?

Make a plan

Some politicians want to help Idahoans. They just refuse to pass Medicaid expansion. That’s fine. But we need something more substantive than the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s scheme to dump the medical needs of the working poor on charities or Gov. Otter’s idea to spend $30 million for nothing at all. We’re talking about helping the working poor. Not insulting them.

Remember that people are watchingNuxoll

It’s easy to forget the rest of the country is anxiously awaiting the next shameful transgression by an Idaho politician. This year, let’s remember that our absurdities go national. In other words, let’s quit embarrassing ourselves. It’s a low bar. Hopefully we can clear it.