These politicians cashed their federal checks before voting against federal funds to provide health insurance to low-income Idahoans.

You’re looking at 19 politicians who have accepted more than $15 million in farm subsidies from 1995 to 2012.

What’s more, every one of them voted against health insurance for Idaho’s working poor.

That’s right. At the end of this year’s legislative session, these lawmakers rejected Medicaid expansion for low-income Idahoans, even though they have been enriching themselves with federal checks.

If that’s not bad enough, it appears they don’t even realize it. Look at this quote from Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll’s weekly Facebook update on March 24.

“(Medicaid) expansion makes persons dependent on entitlements, takes away dignity by eliminating choice for patient and provider and provides substandard care, and does not cut costs.”

Remember, Nuxoll has received nearly a quarter million dollars in farm subsidies.

So according to Nuxoll:

  • Dependence on entitlements happens when a person needs health insurance, not when somebody is lining their pockets with federal funds.
  • Eliminating choice takes away a person’s dignity on the topic of picking a physician, not on the topic of a woman making her own health decisions.
  • Having no access to healthcare is better than having access to “substandard” healthcare.

To summarize:

I’ve got mine.

Idaho can do better.