If Oberto is going to put jerky in the pockets of a person who’s working against Idaho children, it should put money in the pockets of people who are working for Idaho children.

Sign the petition telling the beef-jerky maker to donate to Idaho charities.

Here’s the background.

During the Idaho Legislature’s special session on May 18, Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) was arguing against the child support bill when she said, “Hey, I brought beef jerky, I’ll go for days.”

The beef jerky company Oberto heard the reference to their trademark product and, two days later, sent her a case of beef jerky.  Apparently, the company did not noticed that Scott was arguing against Idaho’s children at the time.

So now we are telling Oberto to donate money to Idaho non-profit groups that help single-parent families.

The Idaho Statesman said Scott’s blind opposition to the well-being of Idaho families was a product of fear and pride.

We’re pretty sure Oberto doesn’t want to be remembered as a company of fear and pride.

We believe it would rather be known as a company that supports families.

And this is its opportunity to do just that.