What we heard today sounded familiar. Too familiar.


Today C.L. “Butch” Otter was inaugurated as Idaho’s governor for the third time. Otter will turn 73 in May, meaning he’s old enough to remember Alabama Gov. George Wallace. In his zeal for “tradition” and “state’s rights,” Wallace earned his shameful place in history as the last segregationist. At the rate he’s going, Otter is going to earn the same reputation over marriage inequality.

The men are different, but the language is surprisingly similar.

“We haven’t been against people. We’ve been against big government trying to take over and write a guideline for you and tell you how to cross the street, what to do with your union and your business when you know how to do it yourself.”
— George Wallace, 1976

“Where we draw the line is having others’ views imposed on us as mandates out of misguided political correctness or a lack of respect for our history, traditions and values.”
— Butch Otter, 2015

Join us and we’ll make Idaho better together.