Let’s be fair. All 12 members of the House State Affairs Committee who voted to impeach judges who rule in favor of marriage equality deserve to be ridiculed for putting Idaho on the wrong side of history — again. But these three men behaved as if they were trying to earn their “I’m-stuck-in-the-1950s”  merit badge.  We’ve taken the liberty to call out their comments for rebuke.

To put the comments from these men in perspective, their combined age is 223 years old. We’re not mathematicians, but  that’s an aggregate attitude somewhere around 1791. Remember that date when reading their comments. No offense to people from 1791.




“(Marriage equality) has a very significant influence on my grandkids and my future great-grandkids…if the United States is going to condone something that I think is very immoral and very serious to the future of our families and our traditional society” — Rep. Paul Shepherd

First off, what is the “traditional society?” Is that the one that openly discriminated against minorities and women? Second, your grandkids and great-grandkids aren’t going to care. Society has moved beyond these forms of prejudice. If you should fear anything, it’s that people will actually remember you. Trust me, you won’t be fondly reminisced.





“It’s unbelievable what the federal courts have done with the 14th Amendment… (It)has been used to legalize same-sex marriage, its beyond belief…it’s violating the basic intent of the Constitution” — Rep. Lynn Bateman

Here’s something the courts have done with the 14th Amendment. It’s called Brown vs. The Board of Education. What’s more, the idea that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is violating the basic intent of the Constitution is like saying the Ten Commandments are violating the basic intent of the Bible. It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense.






“We don’t’ want to open that door for the miscarriage or the misuse of pro-recreation, which is the only way of being accomplished. There’s no way else it can be accomplished, than between a man and a woman….” Rep. Pete Nielsen

First of all, since when does procreation (assuming that’s what you’re talking about) establish the basis for marriage. I’m not sure what weddings were like during “traditional society,” but in modern weddings, there’s an exchange vows, not bodily fluids.





[Regarding Christian slave-owners] “Their Christian moral beliefs were that blacks were inferior. They thought they were good Christians, good moral people, and I’m sure most of them were. But it just proves that our interpretation of Christian morals can be very far and wide… so I have no disrespect for anyone that sees it different than I do” — Rep. Paul Shepherd

No, you’re absolutely right, Representative — we totally understand. You know, like how some Christians only make Easter services, some attend church every Sunday, and others enslave people. Who are we to judge? Unfortunately, you only reminded us that you are on the wrong side of history. Embrace posterity and Google George Wallace.