The Idaho swamp is growing and we are taking names as Idaho lawmakers suck up to Trump and his cronies.devos

Vice President Mike Pence gave public education the middle finger on Tuesday with his tie-breaking vote in the Senate for Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, billionaire, with zero education experience.

That’s heinous enough by itself. But the plot thickens. 
Idaho’s freshman Representative, Dustin Manwaring, R-Blackfoot, has a thing going for Pence. He tweeted that Pence is a real prize for our country stating Pence is “perhaps the single best decision POTUS has made so far.”  Not a great sign for Idahoans. Well, at least not for those of us who value public education and teachers. We find Manwaring’s love of Pence and his leadership alarming and indicative of his intentions for Idaho. Love for Pence equals no love for public education or teachers.manwaring

As if the Manwaring bromance with Pence wasn’t enough, we have Raul Labrador making Idaho look like a sideshow with his latest support for a bill that would “mothball the U.S. Education Department.” Labrador states  “Eliminating the U.S. Department of Education is the most important step we in Congress can take in returning decision making to the local level.”  Shut down the U.S. Department of Education? Yes, you read that. Your congressman, Raul Labrador, wants to eliminate one of the bedrock institutions of our country. What could possibly go wrong? He doesn’t offer an alternative or say why such a drastic measure is needed. Idaho is suffering under leadership that continuously puts party politics and extreme antics over people.

labradorWe cannot afford politicians like Raul Labrador, and the writing appears to be on the wall for others like Dustin Manwaring.

Their paltry, cavalier approach to leadership is damaging to our reputation nationally and hurtful to working families in Idaho. Their affection for Trump, his cronies, his agenda, and his insane tactics will not be forgotten. They are sucking up and we are taking names.