What do 300 refugees of Syria’s civil war and Islamic terrorists have in common? If you’re part of the right-wing conspiracy class, everything.

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the near symbiotic relationship between Islamic extremists in the Middle East and right-wing extremists in the United States.

But what happens when rank-and-file Muslims intermix with rank-and-file Americans?

They get along.

Boise has welcomed thousands of refugees — many Muslim — in the past several years. In that time, the threat of Islamic radicalism being foisted on the good people of Boise hasn’t happened. Not once.

So it really shouldn’t be a big deal to have Syrian refugees coming to Boise, right?

Sadly, the right-wing media has already put its hooks into this non-story by doing what it does best — spreading irrational fear.

Here’s a post and some responses from a right-wing Idaho Facebook page.
















Where is all this fear and xenophobia coming from? One source is the World Net Daily — the same online site that claimed FEMA had built concentration camps. It reported on the refugees last week calling their arrival a continuation of Idaho’s “multicultural transformation.”

The story points out that Boise, under Mayor David Bieter, has already allowed 11,000 of refugees into the city. It claims, “…there have been reports of culture-clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims in the school system and elsewhere,” without giving a single link so a single story, probably because there are none.

The writer then quotes Shahram Hadian an Iranian-born preacher who converted from Islam to Christianity 14 years ago.  Hadian, who ministers in Idaho, believes the continued influx of Muslim immigrants, if not tempered soon, will have disastrous results for America.

If that name sounds familiar, Hadian is the same person who took credit for encouraging nine state lawmakers to vote against a child-support enforcement bill due to delusional fears of Sharia law. The political blunder could cost the state’s families $205 million in child support if it isn’t fixed in a May 18 special legislative session.

Here he is on a recent broadcast of The Blaze.

Hadian says the only way Muslim refugees should be allowed is if they are pressured into converting to Christianity. But he says Idahoans are not doing enough pressuring.

They usually want to say ‘Let’s be friends with them, let’s have a Ramadan meal with them,’ and this is why I say we should have a moratorium on Muslim immigration.”

What he doesn’t mention is the nation’s excellent track record of integrating people into American culture. In fact, second-generation immigrants tend to be very successful, not because we forcefully “converted” their parents, but because we tend to be welcoming.

What’s more, it’s odd that Hadian, a once-Muslim immigrant, wants to shut the door behind him.

This anti-immigrant movement has done nothing but stoke fears and jeopardize child support enforcement. If the Facebook comments from above are any indication, it could also cause trouble for Syrian families who are seeking a better life in Idaho.

Aside from political predators like Hadian, there are no winners in this battle. And if history is our guide, Idaho children, whether Syrian refugees or single-parent kids, will pay the price.